Bagus makan: Fried noodles in Klang

One of the nicest things to do in Malaysia is to eat. I was here for a couple of days and thought I would feature food that is commonly found in the coffee shops in Malaysia. Most coffee shops are very similar. Some stalls have now been taken over by foreign workers where they used to be cooked by Malaysians before. The foreign cooks sometimes do as good a job as the locals while others wait on tables and clear the dishes. They are from countries like Myanmar. Indonesians used to work here in huge numbers before but they have been replaced by the Burmese who pick up a smattering of English, Malay, Chinese and Chinese dialects. As long as everything is more or less within the menu, the orders will be placed and served. This scenario is played out in tens to hundreds of coffee shops around the country. Remarkable, indeed!

Today we had the kaya bun, char kuay teow and fried beehoon. The fried kuay teow turned out to be a bit gluggy and we were served wrongly. Our order of mixed kuay teow and egg noodles was given to somebody else. But at 3pm in the afternoon, the other shops had already closed and there was a long queue at the fried kuay teow stall so we left it. The fried beehoon was fine, however, as were the kaya buns. I was told that the original old chef had turned the task of cooking over to a foreigner who was not as skilled as he was. This did not put a damper on our appetites, however.

Malaysians love good food and when one is visiting, ‘all there is to do is eat.’ There is certainly no lack of cheap and good food here and if it cannot be found here, it’ll be found elsewhere.


Kaya bun


Coffee served with condensed milk. Coffee that is served in coffee shops like these usually consist of coffee beans that have been fried with margarine resulting in fragrant beans before they are crushed into coffee powder and made into drinks.


Fried beehoon which was nice.


Char kuay teow that turned out to be too gluggy.


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