Oh crab!

We wanted to try one of the seafood restaurants at the East Coast Seafood Centre this time. When we reached there, we narrowed down our choices to three restaurants. We could not decide which one to eat at as all of them were fairly crowded. In the end, we decided based on the brand and which one had the most number of customers as well as the largest floor space. The restaurant is also the first restaurant in the group of Jumbo Seafood restaurants.

So far, I have been to three places for my crab adventures. This place is the fourth and by far the best. The staff are clearly very well-trained from handling large volumes of customers, both locals and foreigners, and knew how to handle our queries. Food came very quickly but progressively. While we were eating the first plate of crab, they did not serve the second until we were done with the first, which I thought was quite thoughtful. All the dishes were good. This place has made it to my list of restaurants for eating crab.

The Jumbo group of restaurants is a very successful group of restaurants as they serve good Chinese food and they have managed to maintain the quality of their food. They have their own membership card which on hindsight I should have purchased as I foresee I will be visiting them again soon.

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, Blk 1206 East Coast Parkway, #01-07/08, East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 449883. Tel: 6442-3435.


The crab was really fresh, the gravy was buttery smooth even though it was cooked with salted egg. Small amounts of shallots were added to the gravy and it actually made the taste nicer. Presentation was also good.


These asparagus were naturally sweet.


Yang chow fried rice had enough wok hei in it.


This dish takes the cake! We thought the earlier crab dish was good and we were already quite full from eating the rice and vegetables as well. But when we savoured this dish, we were stunned that it tasted as good as it did. Their choice of black pepper was what made this dish outstanding. It was obviously very good quality black pepper and the way the peppers were cracked and cooked with the crab brought out the sweetness in the crab. And we could taste all this despite being fairly full! A definite must have when I come back here again.


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