Sichuan goodness

I was in Sichuan recently and had trouble uploading food pics to my blog so I am posting all the food pics at once and have decided to just do one post on the trip. Usually, I would talk about the meals separately. Because we travelled in a large group this time, we were served similar dishes at each meal and because I could not converse in Mandarin, I could not and did not ask too much about the food I was eating, hence some dishes have no descriptions. For our sake, they went easy on the spiciness and eventually they even reduced the amount of food served per dish as we simply could not finish the food. It was quite common to serve between 15 to 18 dishes at each meal.

What I loved about Sichuan food was the variety of vegetables we were served. We were told that many of the vegetables were organically grown. We did not eat a lot of meat dishes compared to the amount of vegetables and soups we were served, which suited us fine. Desserts or what I would consider dessert were served as part of the main meal. As the days progressed, I learnt to successfully remove one of the tongue-numbing spices that was rather common in all the spicy Sichuan food that I tasted. This was important as I wanted to enjoy the food without a numb tongue! You can read more about the spice, which is actually a berry, here.

The weather was turning cold and that made us hungry and I have to say that hot food, including spicy hot food tasted really good in the cold. And because Sichuan is well known for its panda research centre, I thought I would include a couple of pictures that I was able to successfully capture. And no, we did not eat any dogs.


All the dishes were served together at the same time, usually with hot rice. There were about 15 to 18 dishes per meal.


Spicy potato and chicken dish


Stir-fried long beans. I simply loved the variety of vegetables we were given.


Tomato and scrambled eggs


A meat dish


A meat and beancurd dish


Shredded potato dish


Another meal. The soup dish is in the middle.


Shredded beancurd


A chicken dish


Spicy potato and meat dish


French fries and chicken nuggets (not from frozen chicken) were also served as were the tofu dishes. In the background is another vegetable soup dish. We were served about two of three different types of soup per meal.


This looked more spicy than it actually tasted. Peppers and meat dish.


Aloe vera in a citrus based syrup



Lovely bamboo plant arches. This variety of bamboo plants is unique to China and preferred by the pandas.


Panda Mama and baby


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