Mum’s Place?

This is a halal Chinese restaurant in the Kembangan area and is very popular with the locals. We decided to go there for zi char, where the food is cooked for you but not at pricey Chinese restaurant prices. We ordered beef with shallots, stir-fried kailan leaves and fish soup with bittergourd. When the dishes arrived, I was stunned by how large the portions were. Three people could have easily eaten the amount we ordered and indeed, we doggy-bagged the remainder to take away.

The food was not too bad. Not exactly Mum’s cooking that I am used to nor even Chinese cooking but close enough considering that it was halal. Where the experience was more authentic was when I got to order hot Chinese tea which came in a pot with little ceramic cups. I have not seen cups with those designs for many years now. So seeing the cups here really did remind me of Mum, cos we have those cups at home. Many coffeeshops that I go to have replaced the cups with glasses. I was also able to top up the tea with hot water when needed, which meant that the pot of tea went a really long way. Hot Chinese tea is a must when eating Chinese food as the hot tea helps to break down the fats in the food, aiding with digestion. It was the way we ate Chinese food growing up. The only problem was the place only had tea and not alternatives like chrysanthemum, which is caffeine-free. This meant we risked being awake all night from drinking the tea.

The place also serves western dishes like steaks which is what it is well-known for.

Mak’s Place, 401 Changi Rd, Singapore 419847. Tel:6844 7656.


Hot Chinese tea in a pot with little ceramic cups


Fried beef with ginger and shallots.


Whenever I order this, I would ask for this to be stir-fried just with garlic, without any corn starch. But this little coffee shop was so advanced that they keyed in their orders via little handheld devices (which were presumably sent wirelessly and directly to the kitchen) and there was no option for what I wanted. Hence, the dish came with corn starch which is usually used to thicken the gravy.


Fish, bittergourd and vegetable soup



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