The deli next door

This place was recommended by a friend who was recommended by her friends. The irony is I have driven past this place numerous times on my way to my favourite porridge place without realising what was in this little cafe. I often see a lot of people at the bakery next door and did not notice this little joint at all.

So today, a friend and I decided to check it out. Located in a HDB area, the cafe is small, the food is economical and complete. The array of food ranges from appetisers, mains, sides to desserts. One orders and pays at the counter. With the costs being kept down, one can get really good food here. It is the kind of place where one leaves after eating; not the kind where you would sit and read for a while. This place turned two this year.

There was one dish which we saw other customers trying and which we wanted to try if we came here again, which we will. It was wok-fried laksa, a fusion dish that looked really good. I’ll post the picture of the dish and a short review the next time I visit.

Next Door Deli, 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2369, Singapore 560529. Tel: 6458 6180.


Beef steak


Grilled chicken that was good value. I especially liked the mashed potato as it tasted like it was home made.


Margarita Chiffon cake which was quite good actually. The margarita syrup was packed separately and one would just pour it over the cake.


The little cafe after the customers have left. Simple and cosy enough.


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