Chicken Rice and Nyonya Food

This is a place that I have eaten at periodically over the years and each time it is satisfying. I usually go there with family, as opposed to friends, so it has become a family eating place for us. At one time, the boss was even our neighbour before they moved.

The place serves great tasting Hainanese chicken rice cum peranakan food. The boss is usually there and they have expanded the size of their original restaurant without opening up any branches. This probably is the secret to their popularity as the place is usually packed for dinner, especially on weekends. By focusing on just one main large restaurant, their quality control is there, as opposed to food places who have franchised out their food and the quality of food differs from franchisee to franchisee.

Pow Sing Restaurant, 59, 63/65 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555961. Tel: 6282 7972 / 6286 4813 / 6284 0800.


Steamed Hainanese Chicken. The quality has been consistently good.


Fish Maw with vegetables.


Otah on the right.




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