Delightful Desserts!

One could smell it the moment one entered the little shop. The fragrance or odour (depending on how one views it) was either to die for or run away from. Yes, that infamous smell of durian flesh which has been mistaken for gas leaks in other countries, resulting in the evacuation of entire buildings for the un– or misinformed. But not so here. IT is one of the reason why so many people come here for dessert.

This is an interesting place. It is located in Ang Mo Kio in an area that has since been rebuilt. For a Hong Kong desserts place, it is unique as it is halal, no GST or service charge either. One has to pay in cash the moment the food is served, which saves time as customers can just leave when they are ready, without waiting to pay. There are always people looking at the menu pasted on the glass windows before deciding if they want to try the food. What I liked about their menu was the detailed descriptions of the items offered. Several of their desserts are very popular here and they tend to run out quickly as well. But there is enough variety so if your first choice is not available, try the second choice. On one of my visits, I had wanted to try their mango desserts but the mangoes that day were not ripe enough and customers were informed and asked if they wanted to pick something else.

I also tried one of their hot dessert drinks which was known to cure coughs. I had been recovering from throat infection which had turned into a dry cough and voila, after the dessert, my throat felt completely comforted and the itch and urge to cough was really completely gone. I was so happy that I decided to return on another day to try their other food and subsequently, I came back a third time.

This place may be small but it is reasonably priced, the food is great and it is close to where I live, which is an added bonus! The staff were helpful with their recommendations. I hope this place remains in business for a long time and maintains their quality. I am told that the owners pay a lot of attention to quality and I must say that that is evident in their desserts. It is certainly giving the other dessert shops a run for my money for now!

Xie Ji Hongkong Dessert, Jubilee Square, 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-02, Ang Mo Kio, 569814. They have a second outlet at #B1-35, 120 Maxwell Road, 069119.


What’s in this? A nice unique way of serving.


Snow fungus and pear! It was good to the last drop and it cured my cough. This drink is known to cure coughs, by the way.


Golden goodness in a bowl!


Durian puffs! I simply could not resist this and it was good!


On another day, we came for the dim sum.


Siew Mai and Har Kow. This was so so.


Hong Kong lotus leaf rice with a whole range of stuff in it like dried Chinese mushrooms, meat, salted egg and beans, all wrapped in lotus leaf. There were a lot of ingredients in this. This was not bad.



I took a picture of the chilli because it was not the usual chilli that I have tasted before at other dim sum places. This chilli did not taste like it had come out of a bottle.


Snow fungus and pear in coconut. The taste had gone right into the coconut and vice-versa and this tasted as nice as it was fragrant.



Durian shake with durian. This was yummy. The durian used was good. The shake was lighter and the combination of a lighter durian taste in the shake and actual durian was good.


Avocado shake with avocado.


Muah chee, sprinkled with crushed sesame seeds and peanuts. Muah Chee is made of glutinous rice. I liked the crushed peanuts better, perhaps because I was eating durian as well and the durian taste tends to overpower everything else, hence I could not quite taste the sesame seeds. I may try this again on another visit, when I am not ordering durian.


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