Wild but unsatiated

I had heard quite a lot about this place and when I came by one time, I could not get a seat, despite having booked through Chope. That was when I realised that calling the place was more reliable than using Chope. So we called and booked a table for two for about 1 p.m. on a weekday. We came as planned and were shown to our seats immediately.

The place was crowded for a weekday afternoon. I guess folks were still having breakfast for lunch or if they were like me, they were on half-day and enjoying the afternoon over a cup of tea or in my case, chocolate. The place serves all-day breakfasts.

We have no complaints about the food and drinks. The English breakfast was good, as were the drinks. I did not like the bready cake or the cakey bread as it was a little heavy after a hearty breakfast but apart from that, everything else was fine except for the scones which we wanted to have after the main meal. My friend had ordered the scones thinking that they would serve it with clotted cream but to her disappointment, they had run out of the cream and did not think it was important enough to inform their customers. We then asked them why they did not attempt to get their supply from other sources while waiting for their supplier to replenish their stock. According to them, they only use a certain type of clotted cream so going to a supermarket to get some cream to make do was well, a no no. We had enjoyed everything else mostly and the scone was supposed to be like the icing on the cake, minus the cream. One cannot have scones without clotted cream because the balance is just not there. And yes, that IS important.

For a place like this and the location that it was in, with the good service that they already have, it would have been nice if they had been thoughtful enough to inform us that they had run out of clotted cream so that we could pick something else instead of eating something that was not properly served and leaving customers well, unsatiated. So, if anyone is going to order scones the next time, check that it does come with clotted cream.

Wild Honey, 6 Scotts Square #03-01. Tel: +65 6636 1816. They have a second outlet at 333A Orchard Road #03-02, Mandarin Gallery.


Cinnamon honey ginger drink. Delightful!


English breakfast! This too was nice! I especially love that the potatoes were not the powdery kind.


French hot chocolate with marshmallows. A definite must-have. Simply chocolate!


This was a cross between a cake and bread. I could not decide if I should call it ‘crake’ or ‘cread’. I thought it would be more like dessert but it turned out to be too bready for a cake.


The scone without the cream. I gotta admit my friend who loves scones was right. The balance in taste was not there.


Inside the restaurant.


The verandah, which was also crowded.


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