Coffeeshop food

We came here due to proximity; it was nearer for those who were staying in the north. One of the criteria was that it had to serve crabs as we were feeling crabby again. So based on one review on someone’s blog that I found on the internet, we decided to come here. It also did not seem to be a very crowded place, due to location.

This is a coffee shop and it was not crowded. We got our table and seats immediately. It was after all only 6p.m., still early for many to have dinner. The food was good but not great. I could not help comparing the crabs here with the one that I had somewhere else before as after all, the crabs were the draw.

This is a chain of coffeeshops. I didn’t get the name of the zi char stall though, except that it is located at this coffeeshop. There are many stalls here. The one we ate from is the zi char stall though we also ordered from the chicken rice stall which apparently is also very good. If I came back here again, it’d probably be for the sambal fish and chicken rice from the other stall.

Broadway Coffeeshop, 334 Sembawang Cl, #01-01. Tel: 6758 4144.


Sweet and sour pork


Prawn omelette.


Salted egg yoke crab. This did not have much gravy and we didn’t order the mantous (fried bread) to dip into the gravy either.


Sambal fish. I’d come back here for this again. This is one of their more popular dishes.


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