Psy-go to Bibigo

If all roads lead to Rome, then all Korean restaurants must lead to Psy. Or perhaps it’s a case of Korean restaurants thinking that they need to work with Psy to promote their food. Better marketing and communication, I believe, is the key to marketing Korean food and I think this restaurant may have succeeded in these important aspects and no, they do not need Psy. A friend introduced me to this restaurant. She brought her own parents and introduced it to another friend who in turn brought her friends and all this is being spread by word of mouth.

As I was saying, this Korean restaurant did what few Korean restaurants have done. They had proper menus with clear pictures and descriptions, good service staff and great food. For a while now, most, if not all the Korean restaurants I have been to did not adequately explain their food. This is probably one reason why Korean food is not as well understood as say, Japanese food. Many Korean restaurants also tend to be family-run and their staff may not speak good English. This restaurant is run by a company that markets Korean food. The restaurant had Filipino waitresses who spoke good English and provided good service. Lastly, the food was clearly explained in their menus. For the first time I realised that bibim in Korean meant a mixture or to be mixed with. Hence anything with the word bibim in it would have a combination of things. Bibimbap for example, is a mixture of rice with lots of vegetables, from raw to pickled to cooked. There is also a choice of meat. Vegetables, carbohydrate and protein are mixed in a balanced way.

We ordered bibigo which was similar to bibimbap except that we could choose the kind of rice we wanted as well and the dressing we wanted with it. I picked black rice which was like glutinous rice and sesame oil dressing. We also ordered seafood pancake and mandoo or fried dumplings. The bibigo was rather refreshing with a light touch of sesame dressing. I simply love rice with vegetables though I found the glutinous rice a little heavy. The pancake was nice and crunchy and not overly oily. The same was true of the mandoo. All three dishes were well presented. The pancake came on a hot plate which kept the food warm and crunchy.

Bibigo has three outlets in Singapore now. Please don’t expand too quickly and remember to maintain the quality of your food. This restaurant is like a breath of fresh air as Korean food is still not very popular yet and there is a steady growing demand for it. Oh, and did I say, this is a great place to look at handsome Korean guys? You definitely do not need Psy!

Bibigo, 23 serangoon Central, #03-08 NEX shopping mall, Singapore 556083. Tel: 65-6509-8272.


Bibigo with black rice and sesame oil dressing on the side.


Closer picture of the different food on the plate.


Mandoo or fried Korean dumplings


Seafood pancake which was kept warm on the hot plate.


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