Chinese Desserts!

Nowadays, many dessert shops claim to be linked in one way or another to Hong Kong. It is hard to know which one is and which one is just pretending to have originated from Hong Kong. My Hong Kong friend brought me to this shop so this shop is pretty authentic when it comes to desserts. It even serves durian crepes and they are not stingy with their durian filling either.

Perhaps one tell tale sign that this place is truly from Hong Kong is by their jokes. I hope you enjoy some of them here.

Dessert Bowl, 80A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555976. 6285 1278.


Beancurd and gingko nuts. This was nice, not overly sweet.


Hot white fungus, pears and osmanthus. In the background is the durian crepe which was yummy. Both were good. Yum!


The crepe had real durian flesh in it. It was not blended with something else..


Placards of jokes are all over the place. The jokes are rather humourous especially the one that read, “You can angry with anyone except boss!”



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