A pit stop

I have been here several times in the past but the service before was bad. In August 2013, I heard that the place was under new management so I decided to wait for the new boss to take over before I did the review. The new boss was aware of the poor service before and had promised to improve on it. And improve, he did, significantly. Waiting times became noticeably shorter as staff became a lot more attentive and prompt in their service.

This place is a novelty because it has a wonderful parking bay for cyclists to park their bikes, unlocked, and have a meal. Because of this concept, many cyclists like this place.

I came here for something light and they were offering roti prata and drinks. There were large television monitors in the restaurant and occasionally, one could hear the cheers and groans of supporters depending on whether a goal was scored or lost. The night that I was there, the customers were mainly Singaporeans while the servers were mainly Malaysians. As the game continued, different people would react according to the side they were supporting. It was quite comical to watch. One time, when Malaysia scored a goal, the customers moaned while the servers secretly cheered. When Singapore scored a goal, the opposite happened. I suspect this place is popular not because of the bicycle bay alone but because of the television screen and the fact that it is a nice place to chill with friends and family alike and watch an entire match on TV.  Just remember to keep the good improved service coming.

There is now a set and ala carte menu.

Pitstop, 10 Tebing Lane #01-01, Singapore 828836. Tel: +65 6242 0710.


Tissue prata with drizzled condensed milk, banana prata and ginger lime drink.

Beef fried beehoon which was a little small for a serving portion but good for those who are not ravenous. It was tasty enough.



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