G’day mate!

I love unexpected lunches. This was one of them though the choice of restaurant was mine. This is an Australian themed restaurant owned by Singaporeans. Robert Timms is an Australian brand, famous for its coffee. Here, you can even get kangaroo and crocodile meat though I prefer to photograph them rather than to eat them.

The place has nice salads and I decided to try one. It did not come cheap though I am told the price is around what other places are offering as well. But it seemed rather pricey for some rocket leaves, cheese, good ham and grilled pineapple. It was the pineapple that drew me to the dish. A friend ordered the wrap and I volunteered to help her with the fries. Fortunately, they had a credit card promotion going on and that made the prices more reasonable. Sorry, I have a price-sensitive stomach so I like my food reasonably-priced and good. I’d certainly come back here for salads again and hope their credit card promotions last a long time. And yes, I shall have my lamington and cuppa tea the next time. One cannot go to an Australian restaurant and not have lamington or pavlova and cuppa!

Robert Timms, 1F Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880. Tel: 6735 9201.

Parma ham, rocket salad and grilled pineapple

The precious grilled pineapple. There were only two or three pieces.


Chicken and cheddar cheese wrap.


PIccolo latte. Wink.


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