‘Sinning’ within limits

I love fried carrot cake but I try not to eat too much of it at hawker centres as it is usually overly oily and fried. As one advances in age, one has to watch one’s cholesterol levels. But when my friend invited me over for lunch and said that it was going to be carrot cake, I was happy. What made it acceptable? There was not going to be any added MSG in it, it was going to be cooked in olive oil (I know, we deceive ourselves sometimes) and she was not going to make it too salty.

Verdict? It was all that and I loved the deveined prawns in it as well. Good job, indeed! She can open a stall at a hawker centre soon.

By the way, there are two types of fried carrot cakes. One is black while the other is white. I like the white ones, i.e. the one without the added black sauce.


Home-cooked carrot cake.


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