Good food does travel

Din Tai Fung was first known for its xiao long bao. They were nice and soupy and in fact if one was not careful when one was eating the bao, one could scald one’s tongue in the process as the soup was hot. Started by a Taiwanese, the baos made waves in Taiwan first and then internationally. In Singapore and Thailand, DIn Tai Fung is managed by the Breadtalk group, who opened Breadtalk and Ramen Play.

We came here for a good meal and they are indeed known for their good food and as a result, they have expanded to different countries. I remember having a meal at Din Tai Fung at Bishan years ago and being impressed with both their baos and their noodles. But the quality between branches does not seem to be consistent. The menu has since increased as well but the taste of Din Tai Fung food in the past seemed better than what it is today.

Certain branches of Din Tai Fung in Hong Kong have been awarded one Michelin star — note it is the specific branch and not the whole chain — and the franchise is found as far away as the USA. I even saw it in an Australian foodcourt late last year when I was in Sydney so good food does travel. The quality has to go along with it as well.

Din Tai Fung, 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-302 Singapore 038983. Tel: 6338 2422.

Wanton noodles. The noodles were nice though the dumplings seemed to lack in taste probably because there were more vegetables than meat in the wanton.

Dumplings or xiao long bao. These seemed less ‘juicy’ than the baos we have had in other DTF restaurants elsewhere. This is the signature dish of this restaurant and one of the key reasons why the restaurant is popular. But maintaining the quality among all the franchisees on a daily basis is a challenge, I’m sure.

Duck in springroll. This was rather dry and oily. The duck was dry while the springroll had been deepfried. The choice was between drunken chicken and duck in springroll and from hindsight, we should have chosen the drunken chicken as it would not have been oily. We did not finish this dish.


Stir-fried spinach with garlic. This was fine.

Roselle tea. The Roselle juice was actually in the round ice piece which we were not aware of until we broke up the ice towards the end. Roselle is a flower, made into tea.


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