Hellish ramen?

The last time I visited this place, it was part of a wider food court and they served fiery ramen. The ramen had varying degrees of spiciness to it and they alluded to hell when describing just how hot their ramen was. Well, their menu has expanded since but their name has not changed. And instead of just serving very spicy ramen, one can now choose to have it without any chilli at all.

There is a wide variety of ramen and their more famous ones are the ramen with salmon fish, salmon skin and chicken karaage. The spicy ramen is recommended as that is what the restaurant is famous for. The sashimi servings were fresh and we polished off the ice-cream pretty quickly.

From the pictures below, we ordered a variety of food as there were several adults and two kids.

Beppu Menkan Ramen, #01-19, China Court, 20 Cross Street. Tel: 64380328

Salmon sashimi.

Tuna sashimi

Yellowtail sashimi

A friend ordered ramen with cod fish on the side, non-spicy. Cod fish was served separately, unlike the salmon (see picture below) and it was good. Shiok even! Soup and ramen were both fine too.

Another friend ordered spicy ramen with salmon. Salmon was a little dry but the ramen was spicy enough. This was the two chilli rating.

A third friend ordered spicy ramen with chicken karaage. Ramen was just nice, spice wise. It was also the the two chilli rating. To him, the chicken was the best karaage chicken in Singapore.


Mushroom ramen, non-spicy. The soup was rather bland. I liked the mushrooms though.

A fourth friend ordered Beppu ramen which had beef, seafood and vegetables in it. This was non-spicy as well. The broth was a little light but the noodles were nice and springy.


Flavoured crushed ice with apple pieces in it which we polished off very quickly. I don’t know what it’s called.


Dessert with fruit in them. They were nice, light and refreshing.


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