Outstanding, Madam!

We were at Mid-Valley Megamall. I had been there many times before and did not want to go there again but it turned out to be the most convenient meeting place for all concerned so we headed there. The place has changed in the last few years since I last visited. There are certainly more eating places now so off we went looking for a nice place to eat. A friend of mine had mentioned this place before and being the public holiday that it was, there was a long queue even though it was already way past lunch, at 3.30pm in the afternoon.

Madam Kwan is peranakan and I have to give it to the peranakan when it comes to not just good, but excellent food. It seems like this is not just in their heritage but in their blood as well. What started as Sakura Restaurant along Jalan Imbi in Kuala Lumpur has now been rebranded into Madam Kwan’s and has gone outside of Jalan Imbi to Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and into Singapore.

We ordered the signature nasi lemak chicken, six sticks of huge chicken satay and fried rice. Every bit of the nasi lemak was good especially the coconut rice and sambal chilli. This is by far the best nasi lemak I’ve tasted and if you follow this blog, you know what my favourite nasi lemak haunts in Singapore are. The chicken was tender and had enough flavour in it too. I was impressed.

The chicken satay was good too. The serving was larger than what I am used to but each stick had the correct combination of meat and fat proportion. I could even see the spices on the satay itself which was pleasantly surprising. Usually, one cannot see, though they may be able to taste the spice in the satay. The sauce did not have enough peanut bits in it but this could be a matter of preference. I like satay sauce with more peanut bits in it and smaller pieces of satay on the sticks but that would also mean not enough differentiation between what they are serving (and charging) and what is being served in the hawker centres and the roadside satay stalls elsewhere so I’ll have to settle for larger servings of satay.

Last but not least was the fried rice. That was good as well as it had enough ‘wok hei’ in it. Coupled with real shredded crab meat and fine shrimps, it was a meal in itself.

Now that Madam has come to Singapore, I am wondering if the food here is as good as the one in KL. I’ll check it out one day and do a comparison review but I am not looking forward to paying Singapore dollars for the food though. Oh well, more excuses to head up north for food.

Madam Kwan’s, F-052, 1st Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL. Tel: +60 3-2297 2297.

Chicken satay.

Nasi Lemak with chicken curry

Vegetable achar

Fried rice


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