‘Crabby’ enough for crab

Now this was a result of somebody telling me they had crab for dinner the night before. Suddenly I found myself craving for crab. So off we went looking for crabs that did not cost an arm and a leg. We settled for this coffee shop.

The surprise here was the crabs were not Sri Lankan mud crabs. They were smaller which meant they did not cost as much as they were not as heavy as Sri Lankan crabs. We were told upfront that two crabs cost $33. We did not ask for the weight when they showed us the live crabs. Smaller crabs may cost less but we also get to eat less as the ‘limbs’ of the crab were also skinnier and hence contained less meat. After our meal, we were not overly full and that was good as we were going to bed quite soon after.

Crab eating has evolved somewhat since I was young. In those days, crabs normally came in chilli and black pepper flavours. Now there are a lot more variety like salted egg, butter and garlic. We decided on the chilli crab but were mistakenly served the salted egg variety. Since we had not eaten that before, we decided to try it.

We were happy with our food. The place was not crowded at 11 p.m. at night and we ate slowly, unhurried, enjoying every mouthful, licking our fingers as we went along. You get the picture. Next time, we’ll come back for the other crabs. The chilli or the black pepper crabs may be good tries the next time. Plus I found a ‘crabby’ friend to go with.

21 Seafood, #01-347, 212 Hougang Street 21. Tel: 63430771.

Crab in salted egg gravy.

We ordered bread on the side to dip into the gravy. Yum!

The name of the restaurant.

I came back on another occasion with my ‘crabby’ friend and this time we ordered chilli crab. The sauce was more on the sour side compared with chilli crab from other places. But we were able to eat undisturbed and unhurried and on this food paradise of an island where good eating places are usually crowded with people eyeing one’s seat; eating unhurried is a luxury. Those who have eaten crabs before will know that it is a long drawn affair as it takes time to remove every bit of flesh from the crustacean.

I actually preferred the black pepper crab to the chilli crab. The meat was nice and it had a bounce in it. The pepper was not spicy at all. It seemed to have flavoured the crab more than spicing it up. The taste of the crab meat was also more evident as it did not have chilli gravy taking away from the taste of the meat. The next time we come, we’ll try the butter and garlic version and we would have tried all their crab varieties here. As for cholesterol, well, we’ll attend to that some other time…


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