Cantonese Comfort food

I’ve not eaten dim sum in ages. So this time, we decided to try out this place for lunch. It has Hong Kong as part of its name and Hong Kong is known for Cantonese food even if they are cooked Singapore style.

The food was actually not bad. The siew mai, har gao, char siew pau, siew pau, carrot cake and deep fried beancurd wrapped over meat were available in a set for one person and it was actually quite decent. The food was not overly oily or salty. There is a wide variety of food served here as the place is rather large so one is not limited only to dim sum.

Tea houses are usually well-patronised places in Hong Kong and in Singapore, it is no different minus the overly high volume of people and noise. It’s the kind of place where people come in to eat (a lot at times), noise levels are high, business is brisk during peak hours and turnaround times are fast as well. Being a dim sum place, one can expect large group of families coming here to dine.  It was crowded but there were still seats available for my friend and I, which we were thankful for. The place is old, matching the name of the business very well. Service is acceptable. I did not have any problems with my orders.

This is not the best place in Singapore to have dim sum. There are other places that serve better food, of course as it’s a competitive industry. But what I appreciate about it is the oldness of the place. Incidentally, the oldness is not intentional, I don’t think. It’s just a rather old building. But it looks like the teahouses of old, with some of its unrefined and brash behaviour, and the food is still acceptable. I don’t know if I’d bring my mother here though but friends, sure. And if I am hungry at 3 a.m. in the morning, I’d come here. This place opens 24 hours.

Old Hong Kong Tea House, 86 East Coast Road Block A Katong Village (Next to Katong Mall) Singapore 428788. Tel: 6345 1932.

The dim sum was served in two baskets which I thought was a novel idea. Some of the items were standard fare and others, I got to pick.

Milk coffee in a tin mug!



Baked rice which a friend ordered which was not bad.



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