Similar but Different

I have been here but I have not reviewed the food here so I decided I should do it. This place serves value-for-money hawker delights and other Chinese dishes and many families come here for a decent meal. I’ll comment on the food individually below.

I actually raised a complaint about an order and the waitress handled my complaint very well. Kudos to them! I’ve been back to this place since the last visit. Generally good food at reasonable prices, eaten in air-conditioned comfort.

Different Taste Cafe and Restaurant, 9 Jalan Mas Puteh #02-78/79, Singapore 128615. Tel: 6779 6525

This was supposed to be Penang Kuay Teow but it was anything but. It’s certainly fried kuay teow but not the Penang version. Having said that, the smaller kuay teow was used which I prefer and there was sufficient taugeh or bean sprouts on it, which I also appreciated. It was a tad too spicy for me but I know that some local folks like their kuay teow spicy so that was fine.

This was on another visit and I tried their nasi lemak. They had run out of the ikan kuning or small fish that they fry — I forget what it’s called in English — and replaced the fish with an extra chicken wing which I happily accepted. The chicken wings were good but there are better nasi lemak stalls elsewhere.

This was their sago gula melaka which I usually order. It was unique because they added peanuts to it. I like this. One time I had a complaint about the coconut milk thinking that they had used packet coconut milk as it was lumpy but they clarified that it had been placed in the fridge and so some bits of the milk had turned lumpy. They happily waived the charge for the dessert. When I came back on another occasion I ordered it again.



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