Food is the point

I don’t normally come to Bedok Point but a friend and I decided to come here for a very long, overdue catch-up. This place seemed to have more food shops than anything else and this seem to be a trend in Singapore in the past few years. Every mall that has been renovated has had a significant increase in the number of food outlets. So far, I have not seen any exceptions. As a food fan, like almost everyone else in this entire nation, the whole country seems to be like one huge eating place. Considering the size of the country, this is like a LOT of food shops per sq km. But, I digress.

I thought that this place was my friend’s haunt but it turned out that she too had not been here before. It was just a convenient place to meet for a catch-up as it was near the MRT, so here we were.

I used to like the restaurant we went to tonight. Their service and food were both good before. I came here because I had not been here in a while. After tonight, I am not sure I would be coming here again in the near future. Perhaps it’s just this outlet as Sushitei outlets are franchised. From a leading Japanese restaurant with food and service that was a cut above the rest before, their food now seemed mediocre at best, and their service too has declined. Don’t get me wrong. The service and food were not bad. But both were better before, especially food quality. Considering that I am actually a member of this restaurant, it seems that other restaurants have either caught up with them or they have regressed without their knowing. I have eaten at several of their outlets before and the only outlets that I now like are the ones at Holland Village, Serangoon Gardens and Raffles Shopping Centre. There are a total of 15 outlets in Singapore now. One of the draws of being a member is their 20% discount for members during their birthday month.

Years ago, this restaurant maintained their quality and service when other restaurants were closing down, because of new players in the market that were making Japanese food cheaper and accessible. This restaurant innovated by going slightly upmarket and maintained the quality of their food especially. The test of the pudding is in the eating and I did not have problems bringing Japanese friends here — I cannot say this about every Japanese restaurant in Singapore. People were willing to come and eat here and pay for better quality food. But today, those same restaurants that had a lower entry level before have also improvised and the playing field has leveled out again. However, instead of continuing with their innovation and maintaining their food quality and service, both seemed to have regressed while the other restaurants have actually caught up with their food quality AND keeping their prices competitive. So, the need to come to a place like this for better food has decreased as those same food can be had at other more accessible restaurants for a similar price or slightly cheaper. The other restaurants may lack the variety though but some foods can be had elsewhere. This chain of outlets had something good going and it would be a shame for them to let this slip away due to negligence, especially now that they have more outlets.

Sushitei, 799 New Upper Changi Road, #02-05/09, Bedok Point, Singapore 467351. Tel: +65 6242 3323.

This was a little dry. There was nothing outstanding about the taste which was actually a pity.

The beef curry rice was also so-so. The curry taste did not seem to have entered the meat yet.

A friend ordered the cold soba with prawn tempura.


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