Vintage brunch

We came back here again for their brunch menu on a Saturday. This was when I realised that this place has partnered with Skinny Pizza as they serve their pizzas and desserts wholesale. I recognised them from the time when I had dinner at Skinny Pizza before.

There were six of us again – a different fivesome and me. A friend ordered the Squid Pizza and she really loved it. I settled for the French toast which was a little hard while another friend had the pancakes. She thought the pancakes were not fluffy enough. The order of salmon was rather small and seemed more like an appetiser than a main meal. The only happy eater was the person who ordered the egg something dish which we completely forgot to take a picture of. I also ordered a pumpkin salad, which I really liked, and taro fries to share. We tried to get them to serve a 4-in-1 kind of fries deal as we wanted to try all their fries but they didn’t have such a combination so we only ordered one to try this time.

While we were having our meal, we saw a couple sitting near the ceiling-to-floor glass windows, enjoying their meal, with a glass of wine. The scenery outside was beautifully green, with sunlight streaking in just slightly. This is the kind of picture that one would see in advertisements.

The location of this place is a little out of the way which enables one to leave the hurriedness of life as we know it and chill over a good meal and a glass of wine. This place is lovely for meals like that. Having a window seat certainly helps.

But for more pragmatic folks who are more keen on good-tasting, value-for-money food in a pleasant environment, there are other more accessible places that would fit that description better and this place would not stand out that much. But for a trip outside of what we are normally used to, for an unhurried meal, this is one place to come to.

House Dempsey, 8D Dempsey Road, SINGAPORE 249672. Tel: 6475 7787.

This salmon dish was surprisingly small.

Skinny squid pizza. This was like the ones served by Skinny PIzza, who is one of their partners. Nice large portion for one person and not overly heavy on the calories as the pizza base was very, well, skinny.

Pumpkin salad which I absolutely loved. The concept is brilliant and I would like to try this at home sometime. We ordered shredded chicken on the side.

Close up of the pumpkin salad.

Fench toast that was a little hard and chewy. It sure looked good though.

Pancakes that were not fluffy enough.


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