Tongue on Fire!

I had forgotten how spicy their chilli crab could be. I wanted to have chilli crab again so I came back here. It was nice spicy though, not overly spicy until I could not eat it. I ordered the mantou (fried bread) instead of rice. The mantou was surprisingly large. I guess I don’t remember it being that large. Not only was it large, it was also very densely packed on the inside which made it very filling. That wasn’t such a problem when the mantou was bite-sized but with it being as large as it was, it was more filling than the usual mantous.

My friend ordered the set lunch. She chose the mushroom soup and Napolicious Spaghetti. The soup was too peppery while the spaghetti was nice but it seemed overly rich unless one liked their sauce that rich.

I was also tempted to try their tea set as they had some really good-looking cakes there but I couldn’t wait until 3pm and I was not hungry so soon after my lunch. But that’s something to keep in mind for next time.

Delicious Cafe, #B1-16 to19, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, 228209 Singapore. Tel: 6636 0903.

Mushroom Soup which was a little too peppery. It was a hearty portion, otherwise.

Napolicious Spaghetti which was creamy tomato based. This dish was very creamy and rich.

Chilli softshell crab with fried mantous on the side. Spicy and nice.


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