Two bowls of noodles

This supposedly serves Hongkong street food but the Hongkongers will be the first to say that it is anything but. Instead, it is a combination of Hongkong-type food like dim sum and noodles with local fare like curries. The place is halal-certified so only chicken and beef are served here.

We ordered two bowls of noodles — one dumpling noodles and another beef ginger noodles. The place serves other Chinese food as well like sweet and sour chicken, stir-fried vegetables and so on.

The dumplings were stuffed full of ingredients and they were good. I could even taste the vegetables in them. The noodles themselves were rather salty though. It was as though someone had added salt twice into the soup. The cut green chilli with soy sauce made the noodles edible — with the familiar sourish taste of green chilli masking the salty taste somewhat — but I did not finish eating it. Feedback was given to the staff instead.

The beef ginger noodles were a much better choice. It was not overly salty and there was enough ginger taste to it.

Hongkong Streats Cafe, City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road #01-01, Singapore 208539. Tel : 6509 3902





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