Best penyet in town?

We came here for their nasi lemak kukus but they had run out of food as it had been a busy Saturday night. So the owner suggested we ordered either their nasi ayam penyet or the ikan penyet as that would be cooked fresh and it would be nice and warm. The ikan or fish was the pomfret. Since I was a fan of pomfrets, I settled on the fish to share between two. It was after all 2am in the morning!

Usually the fish would be served ‘smashed’, hence penyet, but this time they left it intact. It was seriously good! There was no fishy taste to it at all and it was fried to the right crispiness, while the flesh on the inside was nice and tender. The freshly blended sambal chilli was a real plus. I’m not going anywhere else for my ikan penyet from now on. What a nice accidental discovery, even if it was at 2am in the morning! And next time, I’ll have the whole fish to myself!

Nasi Lemak Kukus, 908 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore. Tel: 82229517.

It was nice to see this! Sambal chilli, freshly blended.

The fish set. There were keropok (fish crackers) on the side as well.


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