Rising Sun: Brekky before Leonardo

Today was going to be an exciting day as we were all going to see Leonardo, well, an exhibition featuring him, that is. So we got up bright and early and headed on down to Ueno and to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. But what’s an outing without food, so we headed off to breakfast first.

The set breakfast set here was really worth it. The standard bacon and scrambled eggs on nice thick light butter bread was almost heavenly as were their large servings of coffee and tea. But of course, the real feast came after.

C’s Cafe, Ueno Station, Japan.


One of the breakfast sets.


The tuna set


Salad and minestrone soup on the side as extras.


Nice large cup of coffee. The place is known as C’s Cafe.


With full bellies, we proceeded to see the exhibition on the Sistine Chapel, featuring Leonardo da Vinci. This is a picture of The Musician that I took off a postcard that a friend had bought. Leonardo da Vinci was known for several famous paintings. What I didn’t know about him was that he was also into geometry, optics, machines and the use of perspective in his drawings. This set him apart from the other artists during the Italian Renaissance. This guy was a genius!


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