Rising Sun: In search of ramen

We decided that we wanted to have ramen in Sendai. Finding a shop that served ramen proved a little more difficult. I’m sure there were ramen shops in Sendai, just that we didn’t know where they were. However, while shopping along the main shopping area in Sendai itself, we saw an advertisement for the ramen shop in a most ingenious way. So in we went. I forget to take down the name of the shop but if you see the display, the shop is just there.

The ramen display, with sticky tape and all! Look out for this sign if you want to try the ramen here. It is along a very long stretch of shopping malls at Aoba-ku, Sendai. This is within walking distance from the Sendai train station.

Having been in Japan numerous times, I realised that the ramen portions can be quite large. So I decided to share one portion with a friend and boy, were we glad we shared. This ramen was a little different from what we were used to as the sauce was quite thick. It also tasted like it had egg in the gravy itself. As it was so thick, it seemed more like a gravy than a soup. It was nice but different from what we were used to.


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