Rising Sun: Tea break

I love the tea sets in Japan. They are good value and quality. We went to Doutor for our tea and the place was rather crowded. We had to go back again as there were no seats at first.

Doutor is everywhere in Japan and they serve good coffee. I ended up buying some of their drip coffee to try. The amount of coffee in each portion seems more than the 8g that is standard in most drip coffee packets.

The next day, we visited Excelsior Cafe. I ordered the iced Royal Milk tea. I don’t have a picture here but I realised that there is a difference between the drinks in Japan and those in Singapore. I used to lament that the taste in Singapore is not as good as the one in Japan. But I have since realised that the difference, apart from the consistent due diligence that is paid by the Japanese to quality, lies also in the taste of the water and the temperature. Some things are best enjoyed in Japan and should be left that way. All this is part of the appeal of Japan.

Doutor and Excelsior Cafes are found in different places around Tokyo and Japan. The Excelsior cafe we went to was in Shibuya. The Doutor cafe was in Sendai.


Doutor tea sets. The Mont Blanc is a water chestnut cake which was really sweet.


I ordered the Lemon Cake instead and it was fine. Not too sweet.


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