Rising Sun: Chives dumplings

This was the first time I had seen dried chamomile. They look so much like daisies. So, this is where my drink comes from. Ok, I’m digressing again.

Today, we had Chinese dumplings and I got a chance to roll out the skin and fill it with the egg and chives mix. I have heard so much about dumplings from Korea and China and today, I got to see how they were made. The skin was really just made out of floor and water, in the correct preportions, of course. After filling the dumplings, they are then fried.

What was really delicious though were the pork ribs. They were boiled for 8 hours with only water. Do NOT put salt in the water. Then after that, it is fried with soy sauce and a bit of sugar. The result was really tender juicy pork ribs. Yum! Now, that is something I can surely try at home.

Dried chamomile.

The dumplings and the pork ribs on the table. A salad was served on the side, along with miso soup.



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