Rising Sun: Japanese hospitality

We reached a friend’s place and were served a range of homecooked food. I am actually combining two separate meals here, just to show the variety in one blog post. What I had only eaten in restaurants before, I now ate them, homecooked, and they were not hard to make. Fresh produce seemed easily obtainable here. Even food that was sold in the supermarkets had a certain degree of freshness in them. It helped that the weather there seemed kinder to fresh produce than the weather in Singapore.

Okonomiyaki: This consists of shredded cabbage, mixed in a batter with other ingredients and fried pancake style. It is then laced with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce and sprinkled with bonito (a kind of fish) flakes and seaweed.

Homemade curry rice, egg and rice.

Raw tuna sashimi that was very fresh. The place we were at was near a port so their fish were very fresh.

Freshly sliced Japanese cucumber and carrots. Japanese vegetables taste very good, a lot better than what we have locally and more expensive too!

Minced raw tuna that was mixed with soy sauce and chopped spring onions.

Fuki or wild mountain rhubarb that has been marinated in sweet mirin sauce. It was yummy.


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