Fusion seems to be In

I was a little ambivalent about this place, like I was ambivalent about my order. I ordered the bee tai bak fusion which I kind of regretted because I was not sure what I was eating. Perhaps the die-hard rice fan in me only liked what they have renamed as rice pasta done a certain way and this fusion did not fit the bill. But the other burgers were fine and one has to have a slightly open mind to appreciate the different fusion of foods here like the char siew pork served on homemade focacia bread. I probably would try some of their burgers next time rather than the fusion which I had. More traditional western food like pasta and spaghetti are also served as well.

Opened by the same folks who opened Wild Rocket, this place is hip and modern and caters to a younger and more adventurous crowd. This type of food seems to be a growing trend and it is encouraging to see young adults being adventurous and trying new things and making a business out of it.

Relish It, 501 Bukit Timah Road, #02-01 Cluny Court. Tel: 67632945.

Chicken Nasi Lemak with Anchovy Sambal Burger – this was nice and I think because it resembled nasi lemak very closely, with the ingredients repackaged. The sambal was nice and made my bee tai bak palatable. I would probably order this next time if I come here again.

Grilled Portobello Tofu Burger. This is a vegetarian burger and is surprisingly nice.

Wild Rocket Beef Burger?

Thai Basil Pesto Bee Tai Bak – local rice pasta, tiger prawns, haricot beans and pine nut. I am not sure I liked this. It was too oily as I am used to eating the bee tai bak (rice pasta) lightly sauced with mainly soy sauce. I found this too oily and the taste was also a little weird. It was made palatable only because I ‘stole’ some sambal from someone who ordered the nasi lemak burger.

Blue Cheese and William Pear Beef Burger. This too was nice.


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