Memphis food in town

I came across this place while viewing a friend’s facebook page to see where she had gone to eat recently. So off I went to try this place. I had wanted to have roti prata at first but settled for something less ‘heaty’ as another friend who came along was having the sniffles.

This place resembles an American cafe which is also a pub. They serve food smoked Memphis style.

I have been back to this place again for steak and the set meal for steak was worth it. If I came here again, I probably wouldn’t order the set though as I can do without the soup and dessert. That would have saved me $5++. The soup and dessert were not nice enough for me to spend that extra $5++. The steak though was hearty, good and sufficient for dinner. We ordered the deep fried mushrooms as well. The mushrooms are their signature dish and they were crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. Yum.

One item on their menu that looked good were the lamb chops but that would have to wait for another visit.

Jerry’s BBQ & Grill, 277 Jalan Kayu. Tel: 64840151.

Californian Salad. A really healthy salad which I really enjoyed as well. Next time, I will ask them not to put in the dressing though as it made the salad rather oily. The dressing was not great.

Smoker Roasted Chicken. Half smoked chicken with fries. Smoked meats are what this place is famous for. I am not sure I liked it that much though. The meat was a little tough in some places.

Fried mushrooms were really good! Crunchy and moist.

Rib-eye steak that was medium done. This was sufficient in itself for a meal for one person. This one had black pepper sauce on it.

A friend ordered the same set meal with mushroom sauce.

Brownie with ice-cream. Nice to look at but we could have done without it. In the background is the tiramisu. Again, we could have done without it.


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