Gangnam food

I am not a fan of the Gangnam dance. I think it has certain overtones that are condescending to a certain group of people. If I thought the Gangnam dance was bad, Gentleman is worse, a LOT worse. It is totally derogatory. I regretted clicking on the youtube link and contributing that one click to the video. I am sure that many people watched it because they were curious and because Gangnam had garnered a lot of publicity. But their clicks contributed to views and gave a false impression (I hope anyway) that many liked the new Gentleman dance.

Because of how I felt about Gangnam, I did not want to eat at this restaurant. I wondered if the owner of the restaurant was riding on the publicity of the Gangnam dance. But my friend wanted to treat me to a birthday dinner here and she said to look at Gangnam as a district in Korea instead of the dance. Right! Never mind that there are caricatures of people dancing the Gangnam dance on a long strip of paper on the wall of the restaurant. The drawings were actually quite cute and were not rude or disrespectful, so in we went.

This place serves reasonably-priced Korean food. We were able to order the lunch set during dinner as we were not hungry enough for the dinner buffet. This was the first time I had cold arrowroot Korean noodles. My set came with a meat dish as well and I ordered bulgogi beef. My friend ordered the hot plate rice and both were good. They also serve Korean BBQ food but we left before too many customers started smoking up the place with their BBQ. I prefer my clothes and hair not to smell like BBQ unless I was prepared for it. There seemed to be sufficient new (this place was recently renovated) archaic- and unique-looking ventilators to take care of the smoke but they were not switched on. A good place to come to for affordable Korean food. This restaurant has also reviewed fairly well elsewhere.

Gangnam Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant, 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, #02-21/22, Singapore 208539. Tel: 6509 9644.

Dolsot bibimbab – mixed vegetables and egg on a sizzling hot stone pot with rice and chilli paste

Spicy mixed arrowroot noodles

Beef bulgogi – fried beef


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