A Better Outlet?

We had been on a small shopping spree and were famished by now. Even at the unearthly hour of 8.30pm, there was still a queue. Food is truly a pasttime here. By the time the food came, it was close to 9pm and one of my friends was clearly fading out from tiredness and hunger. But we were really pleased that the queue at this place was shorter than some of the other restaurants and we had a nice table for four. The greater bonus was really in how good the food tasted. Granted, we were hungry, but still my conclusion is that this is one of the better outlets in Singapore. It serves better food than even the outlets at the airport. I’ve also eaten at Northpoint and Junction 8. These are but three of their 22 outlets so I cannot say that the best food is at Plaza Singapura but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is because of the sheer competition for customers in this place. I hope they continue with their food quality standards because this is one of the few ways they can stay on in the long run in this competitive environment. If their food tastes good consistently, I’d certainly put it on my ‘good places to eat’ list from the ‘no better place to eat’ list which is the list that the Swensen’s restaurants in Northpoint, Bishan and the airport are on.

Swensen’s, 68 Orchard Road #03-23, Plaza Singapura. Tel: 6837 0650.

Prawn and Fruit Salad. I usually order this whenever I eat here because it is no frills, and all fresh. There is a mango dressing on the side which I usually do not add as I like the whole thing raw. What I really like is the jackfruit in the salad which even my friends did not notice because it was similar in colour to the mango.

Chilli Crab pasta which tasted as good as it looked. The crab was the soft shell variety with an abundance of mushroom. The ingredients seemed generous.

Curry Chicken baked rice. The amount of chicken here was also generous.

Chicken baked rice.

Cheese Steak Meltdown. There was no meltdown with only a single piece of cheese but it tasted nice nevertheless. The bread was sourdough. This was served with fries and coleslaw. The coleslaw took me by surprise as I expected it to taste more like an afterthought. But this was not the case at all. The coleslaw was good without the mayo being too overpowering. There was enough cabbage in it and the addition of the odd pineapple resulted in a nice blend of flavours. The steak was just nice. It would have been nice if it was slightly larger but I was quite pleased that I was not overly full from eating this meal.


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