‘Hideaway’ food

This was a dinner treat in exchange for a favour. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant that was located in an industrial-like area and the restaurant was located in a canteen-like setting that was also open to the public. This was probably only known to foodies or folks who stayed in this part of town.

We ordered one dish each. No prizes for guessing which was my order. Frogs, of course! And they were yummy! The brinjal was also good. The deer curry and century egg vegetable dishes were not too bad either. Dishes worth ordering again are the brinjal and the frogs.

Kimly Live Seafood, 18 Boon Lay Way, #01-98 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966. Tel: 66864665.

Fried vegetable dish with century eggs that look like golden nuggets. It has a prestigious name which I don’t remember.

Deer meat curry. I’ve not really had deer meat curry before so this is a first for me. A good alternative to pork and chicken.

Fried brinjal which was surprisingly good as I don’t like the softness of the brinjal. But in this dish, the brinjal was slightly more chewy and crunchy at the edges.

Battered and fried frogs! Yum!


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