Remember to eat

A friend brought me to this place at Jurong Point a few weeks ago and I fell in love with the desserts here. He told me that the name of the shop Ji De Chi means Remember to Eat. I thought he was kidding at first until I realised he wasn’t. The wallpaper in the shops show a Hong Kong food street with the name Ji De Chi at different points in the picture. Being a Hong Kong food street photo and the fact that they serve Hong Kong desserts, one can assume that this place is a Hong Kong dessert place. But they also serve shaved ice desserts which is from Taiwan and one of their best desserts is the iced durian, pomelo and sago dessert — durian being a local fruit, this is one of my favourite desserts.

There is no information online as to who opened this chain of dessert stalls. I thought at first it was opened by Hong Kongers but my HK friend did not think so as the desserts themselves were not authentic enough (to her) to be from Hong Kong though they seemed pretty good to me. So this may be a case of three friends who went to Hong Kong to learn about Hong Kong desserts and brought the idea back here. Or they may have taken the concept from another Hong Kong dessert outlet which is really from Hong Kong and charges more for their desserts.

This is not the first time that food concepts have been brought in from overseas, an impression given that the food is from overseas when the people who start the company or run it may in fact not be from those countries and the food costs less than similar offerings by their foreign counterparts. And the stores do a roaring business among the largely unsuspecting customers who care more for the taste of the food and the price, than where they come from.

Ji De Chi, 63 Jurong West Central, 3 Jurong Point (New Wing), #03-102/103/104. Tel: 6794 8887.
Ji De Chi, 8 Liang Seah Street, #01-03. Tel: 6339 9928.

Iced durian, pomelo and sago dessert — one of my favourite desserts. When I first had this at Jurong Point, I was very glad that they served the bitter type of durian, which was my favourite. I also had this at Liang Seah Street and the amount of durian there seemed lesser. The durian puree there seemed more watery than the one at Jurong Point. Nevertheless, I still like this dessert.

Osmanthus tea and wolfberry jelly dessert. This was pretty to look at but not that nice to eat. It was simply too sweet and the taste of the tea and wolfberry were not strong enough to counter the sweetness.This was expensive sweetened jelly.

Fresh mango, black pulut rice wrapped in green tea sticky rice roll that was sprinkled with dessicated coconut. I frankly found this dessert a little hard to describe because of the combination of tastes. It seemed like a clash of tastes — mango, green tea and the black rice all had their own distinct taste. When brought together, the tastes seemed to clash instead of blend in with each other. Since the black rice and the sticky rice were from the rice family, perhaps mango could have been left out. There might be less of a clash this way, as the mango seemed a little out of place. The green tea with black rice blend may have been sufficient, drizzled with dessicated coconut. Red beans may have been a better alternative to mango.

These tang yuen were from a much earlier visit and I really liked this with the ginger syrup. I thought it tasted better than some of the other dessert shops which serves similar dumplings. There are peanut and sesame paste fillings in the dumplings.

Iced mango, pomelo and sago shavings. This too was from an earlier visit and I really liked this combination as well. There was no clash in the taste and the mango taste was clearly the strongest and the pomelo and sago blended in with the mango taste.

The Saturday night crowd. It was past 10pm at night.


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