Basics plus some

This was an unexpected combination of food. Runny half-boiled eggs eaten with a dash of light soy sauce and pepper (I don’t eat it with dark soy sauce, sorry, and I don’t know when people started eating it with dark soy sauce as I’ve always eaten it with light soy sauce since I was a child), kaya toast and crab meat patties.

The interesting bit about this combination of food is that I’ve not eaten it for a long time and to eat it again, albeit for dinner, was nice as a light snack. The crabmeat patties were more to add bulk to the meal as we were out cycling and needed a little more energy for the exercise.

This place used to be a Japanese restaurant before but it is now a more local as well as Asian food place.The place is also affordable. On weekends, the queue builds up rather quickly as people come out for their leisure activities and exercise.

10 Tebing Lane, #01-08, Singapore 828836. It is opposite Popeye’s.

Half-boiled eggs. This was not how it was served. We had already ‘burst’ the yoke when this pic was taken.

Good ole kaya toast set (the half-boiled eggs were part of the set).

Crabmeat patties which were Thai. It was a little too spicy for me but then, I do not take things that are too spicy.

The inside of the patty. The patties had chilli sauce right on top of them when they were served, which we had to remove.


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