Awfully nice

When was the last time you described something nice as awful? Well, the name of this place is either an awful play on words or brilliant. There is nothing conventional about this store. They serve a limited range of chocolate cakes, ice-cream, truffle, bars and others. The range is intentionally limited and the focus is on quality. This chain has been around for fifteen years and they have also expanded into Indonesia and China — not bad for a shop that sells a limited range of chocolate products. Some people like my chocoholic friend swear by its products and vouch for their quality. I was not really in the mood for chocolate that day but my chocoholic friend was. She bought a slice of cake and I chanced upon the Kahlua bars. They seemed too hard to resist so I gave in. It was cheaper than the cake that my friend ordered (though lighter) and at least still affordable and not as common as some selections made by some of the other brands of chocolates. It was not too sweet and one could taste both the kahlua and the dark chocolate. And did I mention that it tasted awfully good too?

Awfully Chocolate, 1 Seletar Road, #02-02 Greenwich Village, Singapore 807011. Tel: 6556 0656

Kahlua bar which was about half the size of the chocolate cake

Rich sinful chocolate cake which had seriously good chocolate in it


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