Good and affordable Japanese dining

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

This was one of the earliest Japanese restaurants around before others came into the market and took a large market share. One of the reasons why they have managed to remain and expanded their business is because they serve good Japanese food at affordable prices. Coming here was like visiting a place that I used to frequent but do not do so as often now because like so many customers, I am now spoilt for choice where Japanese food is concerned. Nevertheless, this is a good place to come to for decent authentic Japanese food that will not burn a hole in one’s pocket. Also, one need not wait excruciatingly long to get a seat nor rush through one’s meal after getting a seat.

There are newer Japanese restaurants who are newer than this one whom I have already dropped off my list as I find that their food quality has dropped substantially as they became more popular and they are no longer value for money. This place has managed to maintain their quality and affordability. Kudos to them! Yup! Definitely shifting this restaurant back to my visit-more-often list.

Ichiban Boshi, 68 Orchard Road, #06-05/06 Plaza Singapura. Tel: 68370113.

Aburi salmon — raw salmon that is slightly seared, which I like.

Japanese curry beef served with rice where you can see the beef slices. Some places claim that the meat in their curries cannot be seen as the meat has dissolved into the curries as they have been cooked for so long. Well, I like to see the meat in my curries. Call me Southeast Asian but that’s how we have our curries!

Salad with more aburi salmon!


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