Chilli, Assam and Sambal

Chilli, assam, sambal.

A friend brought me here for dinner. This is a chain of fusion food from Malaysia. The menu featured a range of local and fusion food. We had the spicy ones! I had been wanting to eat chilli crab and they had it. And their version of crabs were the baby ones! It was a brilliant idea as usually when one eats chilli crabs, one had to use one’s fingers and pliers (yes, you read right, albeit the food version) to remove the crab shell before one could reach the meat. In this case, the whole crab could be eaten, shell and all, and I did not have to dirty my fingers. Some would argue that the fun in eating crab is in using one’s hands. While there definitely is more meat in the adult crabs, I’d settle for baby crabs from now because of the convenience. Yes, lazy, I know. The process of eating is a lot faster as well. The mantou were nice as well.

The other dishes we ordered were Seafood Sambal Tumis and Nyonya Asam Pedas Hake Loin. Check out their menu.

Delicious Cafe, #B1-16 to19, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, 228209 Singapore. Tel: 6636 0903


Nyonya Asam Pedas Hake Loin

Soft Shell Chilli Crab with mantou (little buns)

Seafood Sambal Tumis with rice and prawn crackers


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