Almost Paradise

I’ve only been here once before. Part of the Paradise Group of restaurants, this Chinese restaurant is famous for its xiao long pau. Each pau had its own unique flavour and one has to be careful not to burn one’s mouth when eating it as the soup inside the pau is hot.

We also ordered fried bamboo shoots, fried nian gao (rice pudding) which in this case had been cut up and fried with vegetables, fried fish, stir-fried spinach and fried red bean pancake (dessert). I had wanted to go for steam fish before but am glad I was persuaded not to as the fried fish was really nice and the fish was surprisingly fresh. Usually the fish in fried fish is not as fresh as fish that is steamed but in this case, there was not a bit of fishyness in the fish. Almost paradise, indeed!

Paradise Dynasty, 2 Orchard Turn, #04-12A ION Orchard. Tel: 65099118.

Bamboo shoots.

Xiao Long Pao — each colour represents a different flavour.

The different types of flavour in the paus.

Fried nian gao — rice pudding that has been sliced and fried. We ate this instead of rice. It was a nice change from rice.

Fried fish with garlic. Delicious.

Traditional red bean pancake for dessert.


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