Roasted Green Tea

This was a place that my friend liked because of its Hojicha. It is basically Japanese green tea which has been roasted. Information on the roasting process is available on the internet so I won’t repeat it here. I was surprised to learn that this could be done at home. If one has green tea that has been sitting around for a while, one could just heat up a pan to a high heat, toss the tea leaves in the pan for about a minute until the leaves turn brown and you have made your own hojicha! The idea is to roast the tea leaves, not burn them, so watch the pan when doing this. I wish I had learnt this before I threw out my old green tea leaves. The green tea leaves are roasted and not oxidised — this is the main difference between this tea and black tea (which is oxidised). The caffeine content is also lower due to the roasting process, making this tea suitable to have even at night. Naturally, my friend ordered her hojicha.

I ordered an iced coffee latte which I regretted because the coffee was too strong and it was already at night. I mentioned this to the waiter and they offered to add more full cream milk to it, which was nice on their part, but it did not really make it less strong as I could still taste the bitterness of the coffee and it was slightly more than a single shot of coffee. In the end, I added syrup, which I do not normally do.

I wanted a reasonably priced meal so I ordered the chicken salad with a side order of rice. This was perfect for me. The food is fresh, presentation is nice, waiters are helpful and I didn’t burn a hole in my wallet. All good! So, Nana, we’re coming back. Oh, and it’s just over four months old in Singapore.

This place is very popular because of their desserts and drinks.

Nana’s Green Tea, 68 Orchard Road, #03-80/82 Plaza Singapura. Tel: 66844312

A very light serving of chicken salad. Delicious.

Hojicha latte

Happy belly! All that remained was the goma (sesame) dressing.


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