Porridge, please.

What does one eat when one is sick? Porridge, of course. Rice porridge, with peanuts, fish, you tiao (basically fried flour fritter) with a dash of soy sauce and fried shredded onions.

The porridge was nice except for the added oil and fried onions which made it a little too filling for me. It would have been great without the extra oil. I’m supposed to be sick after all. So try this next time when you are unwell!

Porridge stall (at Bgain 293 Eating House at Blk 293, Yishun Street 22, (S)760293. There is only one stall here that sells porridge in this coffee shop. The stall next to the porridge stall does good business in fish soup noodles. They serve their fish soup with sliced brinjal as garnishing which I like. I will definitely try that the next time I go there, hopefully not when I am unwell! Really good value-for-money food here. The double-boil soup stall also looks good so now you know what I’d like to try the next time!

Rice porridge with fish slices and peanuts. Fried fritter (you tiao) was added but one could always request not to have the fritter if one is unwell. The fritter was nice and crunchy and is usually dipped into the porridge and eaten that way.

This was packed in a plastic container for takeaway. They charge extra for takeaways.

I went there again on another occasion and I ordered the same thing but without the oil. Definitely nice having it without the oil and this time, I dined in.

A pic of the stall. It’s not very clear but the Chinese characters can just be seen. This stall did not have an English name. The fish soup and porridge stalls look like they are related.


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