Soup and rice

This was a Chinese eating place where the soup was part of a franchise chain that has been hugely successful. By 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, most of the soups had already been sold out. There were only two choices left and my friend ordered the pepper tripe soup. It tasted peppery alright and the soup portion was large. My friend ordered rice to go with the soup but there were not enough ingredients in the bowl to eat the rice with.

I ordered pork ribs rice on the other hand. The last time I had something like that was in Australia. It was okay. I’d probably return for the soup but the rice dish was not something to die for.

The Red Cafe, 491 River Valley Road, #01-17 Valley Point Shopping Centre. This cafe has taken over the Red Palms Cafe which I really liked.


That’s pork intestines you are looking at, with bits of meat! The popular soups sell out rather quickly.

Pork ribs rice — it was alright for filing my stomach but not something I’d come back for.


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