Kimchi pancake and daikon salad

This wouldn’t be the place to go to for a salad meal but that was what we ended up doing. We ordered ginseng chicken since we were in a Korean restaurant and what better place to have ginseng chicken than here. This place also served Japanese food and since I like daikon salad, I ordered that. Then we decided to also order the side dishes that Korean restaurants are well known for and the dishes were refillable. In fact the waitress checked with us again if we had indeed wanted the daikon salad as well and since none of the side dishes had daikon in it, we stuck to our decision. We also ordered pork and kimchi pancake. The outlet also served Japanese food like sashimi as well. But we stuck to Korean food.

All the dishes were good and we were happy that we were not overly full from too much meat. But from hindsight, we would probably order beef that we could eat with lettuce, the pork and kimchi pancake and the side dishes the next time. We wouldn’t order the chicken ginseng again not because it wasn’t good but because we were not fond of it enough to order it again on a next visit.

Hansang Korean Charcoal Barbecue, 20 Lorong Mambong,

Holland Village.

 Tel: 66816632.

Daikon salad

Korean ginseng chicken

Pork and kimchi pancake

A beautiful array of starters that the Koreans are very well known for

Kimchi, pickled cucumber and apple fruit salad. What a combo!

Our meal for two!


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