Simple Eats

When one sees the well-heeled, the elderly and common dialect-speaking folks in the same queue, it bodes well for the stall as the food is appealing to people from all walks of life. Economy rice in Singapore refers to food that is economically priced and does not cost an arm and an leg. It is usually found at coffeeshops called kopitiam or hawker centres. The food is healthy (some stalls serve healthier food in terms of less MSG than others), delicious and light on the wallet.

Several of my favourite dishes from here are pumpkin, bittergourd fried with egg and steamed fish. All three were yummilicious. The fish was so fresh that the flesh still had a bounce in it. Yum, indeed. Total? $5.60. This was the best part and one of the reasons why many people eat here — good food can be had inexpensively.


Ann Hoo Cooked Food 01-126, Cheng San Market, #01-126 Blk 527 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. The queue starts before 6pm. This is the kind of place where one could come and eat everyday as the food is cooked healthily.

Pumpkin which is usually fried with a bit of dried prawns or tiny anchovies.

Steamed whole fish. This fish was so fresh that the meat still had a bounce in it.

Bittergourd fried with egg and bits of carrot.

The whole meal with a bowl of porridge cost me $5.60.

I went back on another occasion and ordered a steamed pomfret. I asked for a small one but was given a large one (which also cost more). I’ll be more specific the next time around.


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