Peranakan again

We decided to come here again for the other foods. This time we ordered the ayam goreng rempah (spiced fried chicken), bayam (spinach) with garlic (again), ngoh hiang (vegetables and minced meat wrapped in beancurd roll and fried) and otah (fish paste wrapped in banana leaf and grilled). For dessert, we had the sago gula melaka (again) and pulut inti (glutinous rice topped with coconut shavings that have been dipped in gula melaka. The whole meal was wonderful, except for the ngoh hiang which we could have done without as it was too dry and did not taste authentic. In fact, it tasted a little commercialised.

The prices here are really affordable and one can have dinner and dessert as well.

Ivins, Heartland Mall, 2nd floor, Kovan, Singapore. The more well-known outlet is at Binjai Park, Bukit Timah.

Ayam goreng rempah (Spiced fried chicken). This was seriously good.

Bayam (spinach) with garlic. This was as good as when we had it the last time.

Otah which we had not had before. It would have been nice if we could taste the fish bits in it a little more but this was a decent piece, nevertheless.

Ngohiang which turned out to be a disappointment. I think if they had fried the whole thing as a roll and then sliced it, instead of slicing it and frying them individually, it would have been less dry and taste better.

Pulut inti is glutinous rice, steamed in coconut milk, and eaten with shredded coconut that has been mixed with gula melaka. The pulut (glutinous rice) is also lightly coloured with bunga telang or blue pea flower, which gives it a nice natural blue colour. It is then wrapped in banana leaves. I used to eat this growing up and I still like it now.

The pulut inti with the banana leaf removed. The blue colour from the blue pea flower is just noticeable.

Sago gula melaka which consists of coconut cream and gula melaka poured over boiled sago and ice shavings.


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