Sawadee in the heartlands

This was another affordable place we came to for dinner. Located as a coffee shop below a HDB flat with no air-conditioning, we waited our turn in the short queue. There is always a queue here and they will take your order as you are waiting. By the time it is your turn, the food comes rather quickly.

We ordered a green chicken curry, minced beef with basil leaves, stir-fried kailan and mushroom and rice. The green curry was creamy without being too spicy while the stir-fried vegetables still had a slight crunch in them. I’ve come here before and had their tom yum. Definitely a good place to come to for reasonable Thai food, but come early. Next time, I’ll try their desserts.

This is a no frills eating place so don’t expect the service to be great. They expect you to order, eat and leave (preferably quickly as there are always people eyeing your seat or table though they won’t ask you to leave though).

Nakhon Thai, 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-341, Singapore 530212. Tel: 6286 8785.

Stir-fried kailan and mushroom

Green curry with chicken and brinjal. This was sufficently thick without being overly spicy.

Beef with basil leaves. A very fragrant dish because of the basil leaves. This one seemed a little salty though.


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