Love is sweet

Chinta Manis, which means ‘sweet love’ in Malay, caught my attention. I was curious to know if the food here was as good as love is sweet. One could certainly smell the fragrance of their food, especially their shrimp paste based, curries. We had dinner at this peranakan restaurant. We ordered one of their house specialties — peranakan set which consisted of curry chicken, beef rendang, serunding (fried grated coconut) and achar (pickled vegetables). This came with a choice of tea or coffee and dessert, which was a kueh.

I ordered another house specialty, laksa. It was rice noodles in a spicy shrimp paste, curry sauce with prawns, hard-boiled egg and dried tofu.

Verdict? Good enough to come back to again. Next time, I’ll try their peranakan pattiserie and kuehs.

Sometime ago I reviewed another peranakan food place. That place had a wider range of food choices which this one did not have. But their sets are certainly value for money.

Chinta Manis, 02-43/45, 238 Thomson Road Singapore 307683. Tel: 6254 1727.

This peranakan set was a hearty meal and really worth it!

Laksa. The gravy was rich without being overly spicy. Just nice.


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