Ramen Play

It was another of those dinner dilemma evenings — What shall we have for dinner? I have been here before and I liked their chicken mustard salad. But I didn’t want to have that again, so I decided on something else. Being someone who is used to the Japanese standard of ramen, I was quite ambivalent about the ramen here. I’ve had their Sanpou ramen before and found it oily (being made up of three parts of the pig — pork cheek, pork loin and pork belly — the oily bit was probably inevitable). However, their effort at food variety is commendable. Any perceived lack in quality was made up for, with variety. One the items which I tried before and which was a novel idea was the rice ice-cream, which was nice. One could actually taste the Niigata rice in that. The place is also pleasant with good service and was not overly expensive for meeting up with a friend for dinner. This place has a steady stream of customers and there are many outlets in Singapore.

The place is opened by the Breadtalk folks who make overly-priced and fanciful breads, while attempting to be a designer bakery. I think that if more wholesome ingredients are added to their bread instead of just making them more fanciful, they would attract a different set of customers on top of those they are currently attracting. But I digress.

For their ramen, they have teamed up with the folks who make Sanpou ramen to come up with Ramen Play. The concept of ‘play’ was portrayed by the way the waiters and waitresses are dressed in black pants and white sleeved blouses or shirts, and suspenders. The suspenders give a ‘playboyish‘ feel to the place — the point of which escapes me, except perhaps to appeal to a younger crowd. It seems that everyone is trying to attract a younger crowd nowadays as they may be more open to new food tastes and less mindful of food conventions of the past.

I ordered cha su (sliced pork) and vegetable ramen in miso soup while my friend had sweet and spicy ramen curry. We ordered a gyoza to share between us.

Ramen Play, 9 Bishan Place #01-51, Singapore 579837. Tel: 6258 2661.

Vegetable ramen which was reasonably good

Curry ramen — something different, spicy and sweet


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